About Us

Microtex sas was founded in 1985, near Torino-Italy, by Leonardo Michetti and sons.

The present main activity of Microtex sas is the design and production of electro-optical sensor devices, based on different optical technologies from discrete traditional lens systems to optical planar guides and to optical fibers.

The application fields of Microtex sensors range from yarn detection and measurement in textile industry to bar code detection in small cavities and to industrial safety.

Microtex know-how arises from the earlier researches on long distance and LAN optical communication technology (from 1964).

The original Microtex developments range from instrumental spatial applications (MHOI, multidirectional holographic fiber optics interferometer, 1991) to new optical components for eye-surgery technique.

We can hence offer custom-made solutions for special applications where the cooperation between supplier and customer is the basic requirement for technical and commercial success.

See activity overview (pdf)

Microscope working
Photographic plate
Optical fiber